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Recent News of the Society


The Open Day in May was held on a bright summer’s day.  There were nine locos running on the track with visitors from five different clubs attending.  These included Canterbury, Tonbridge, Crawley, Crowborough and Maidstone.  There were also a couple of 2” scale traction engines, one in steam and one on display.  There was also activity on the Gauge One and ‘G’ scale tracks in the garden railway.

The Tuesday Track Meetings continue to be well attended with lots of different models to be seen on all the tracks.  Over a period of ten days at the beginning of June, members had the chance to visit three railways, including Gauge One, 5” and 7¼" gauge and 15" gauge.

Nearly 60 members and their families went to the Boatyard Railway at Grove Ferry at the beginning of June on a lovely sunny and warm day.  With 15 locos to be seen running on the extensive layout, a most enjoyable day was had by all those who attended.

A few days later and it was the Annual ‘Fish & Chips’ Special to Dungeness and back on the RH&DR.  A special occasion this year as it was the ‘John Percival Memorial Run’ and there was a poignant run-by on the way home.  After a wet and windy morning, the sun came out for the evening event and over 75 people were on the private train and enjoyed fish & chips in the new restaurant at Dungeness.

The following Sunday, members went to the Coach House Garden Railway at Iden.  It was the bi-annual Iden Gardens Open Day and as well as the railway, there were numerous gardens open for the ladies to visit.  A very enjoyable afternoon.

It was like old times at the Midsummer Track Meeting and BBQ with engines running until after 8 o’clock in the evening.  A glorious hot sunny day with a cool breeze and around 80 members and friends turned up.  Nearly all the 160 burgers and sausages were eaten.

The Wednesday Gang still meet on a regular basis.  The new loading ramp/traverser for the steaming bay is well under way and it is hoped to have it operating before too long.  Also our Chairman is working on the hydraulics for the future operation of the swing bridge which should make it far easier to operate and it is hoped to install this shortly.

The latest issue of the RMMES 'Newsletter', No. 186 dated August 2017 is now available.  Please contact the Newsletter Editor if you would like a copy posted to you.

Our President, Bobby Jones, was interviewed some time ago about his involvement with railways, full-size and miniature and also the RMMES, on the local radio station Romney Marsh FM.  You can hear a recording of the interview if you click here (might take a minute to load).


Some recent activity at Rolfe Lane.



A busy time in the steaming bays.


5" gauge 0-4-2 'Gladstone'.


'G' scale
in the garden railway.


2½" gauge LNER 2-8-2 'P2'.


5" gauge 'Class 59' at the Open Day.






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