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Recent News of the Society


2018 started with the New Year’s Day Track Meeting and despite early rain, three hardy souls steamed their locos and quite a few members gathered in the clubhouse for a natter and a ‘cuppa’.  The sun briefly came out late afternoon giving rise to some very atmospheric pictures around the steaming bays.

The 2018 Evening Meetings started with Andy Nash showing a selection of pictures from the late George Barlow collection and also some early video of the RH&DR.  A very interesting evening.

The February meetings were both well attended with Colin Cox sharing some of his experiences of driving Garratts in Rhodesia in the 1960s and Andy Hardy giving an update on the P2 Project, a massive undertaking.

The first March meeting saw Richard Linkins giving a very interesting talk on the Simplex type locomotive, dating from World War One and wild animals and railways in South Africa.  The winter meetings finished in the usual way with a ‘Products of the Winter Workshop’ evening.

34 members attended the Annual General Meeting at the end of April.  The new Social Secretary is Andy Dale and Bob White was elected as Safety Officer.  Officers and Committee can be found on the ‘about’ page.

Summer Track Meetings are now well under way with numerous models to be seen on all the tracks.  The Open Day in May was a great success, no doubt partly due to the weather.  A lot of visitors turned up and 15 locos were run on the main track and five clubs were represented.  Four RMMES members also ran their engines.  There was also quite a bit of activity in the garden railway.

The Wednesday Gang still meet on a regular basis.  The new loading ramp/traverser for the steaming bay is well under way and it is hoped to have it operating before too long.  Also our Chairman is working on the hydraulics for the future operation of the swing bridge which should make it far easier to operate.  The air lines and power cables have been installed recently between the compressor house and the swing bridge.  Part of the upper section on the garden railway has been renovated where it had started to sag, and the new boards and track are now in place.

The current issue of the RMMES 'Newsletter', No. 188 dated April 2018, is now available.  Please contact the Newsletter Editor if you would like a copy posted to you.

Our President, Bobby Jones, was interviewed some time ago about his involvement with railways, full-size and miniature and also the RMMES, on the local radio station Romney Marsh FM.  You can hear a recording of the interview if you click here (might take a minute to load).


Some recent activity at Rolfe Lane.



A busy time in the steaming bays.


5" gauge 0-4-2 'Gladstone'.


'G' scale
in the garden railway.


2½" gauge LNER 2-8-2 'P2'.


5" gauge 'Class 59' at the Open Day.






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